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Maureen and her husband Gene have been together since high school. When Gene fell in their assisted living apartment and broke his hip, he needed surgery.  While he was in the hospital, he tested positive for Covid-19.   Although there are over 100 local nursing homes, when he was ready for rehabilitation after surgery, the hospital only gave Gene one nursing home option.  The option he was offered is not highly rated for rehabilitation services and is quite a distance from their home.   Gene and Maureen wanted more choices.  

A family friend advised them to call Pro Seniors.  The ombudsman at Pro Seniors worked with Gene, Maureen and the hospital to identify a nursing home that had more appropriate rehabilitation services and is closer to their home. The ombudsman also advocated for repeated Covid-19 testing.  Fortunately, Gene tested negative for the Covid-19 infection by the time he was ready to leave the hospital.  He was able to go to the nursing home closer to their home for rehabilitation, and then to return to their assisted living apartment.

Bob got a letter about life insurance proceeds intended for him, and telling him to supply some documents.  He wasn’t sure the letter was real or what documents they wanted, so he called Pro Seniors.  Pro Seniors attorney Karen helped Bob understand the request and obtain the documents he needed to prove that he was owed these funds.  In this photo, Bob is wrapping up the case with Karen, who helped Bob receive the funds from the life insurance policy that was intended for him.

Founded in 1975, Pro Seniors champions the rights, dignity and access to justice of older Ohioan’s – like Gene, Maureen and Bob – by providing the following services at no cost to our clients: 

  • Even while working from home, our legal helpline attorneys are providing legal information and advice to Ohio residents age 60 and over. Our staff attorneys are also able to work from home to help local seniors resolve problems with Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans benefits, Social Security and more.  Our Mid-America Pension Rights Project attorneys are helping people in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Tennessee solve issues with their pensions.
  • In addition to in-person visits with residents and others using long-term services and supports, our ombudsman staff and volunteers are using the phone, FaceTime and other technology to connect with residents. Ombudsmen work to empower and advocate for the rights of people using long-term care services and supports, such as nursing homes, assisted living and home health care, and work with them to resolve concerns.
  • Ohio Senior Medicare Patrol  staff are connecting with their volunteer peer educators around Ohio to help Medicare beneficiaries avoid healthcare fraud, identity theft and scams.

Ombudsman staff – and volunteers like Lynn Gray – are reaching out to nursing home and assisted living residents and their families, making sure that they are receiving updates and responding to questions and concerns.  

You can make a difference with your gift of time, talent or treasure.

We offer our ombudsman training for new volunteer candidates in person or as a series of online webinars, so that more volunteers are equipped to reach out to residents and families.  Please contact Linda at OmbVol@proseniors.org or 513-458-5520 or sign up online.

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Pro Seniors meets all 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability, meaning our organization is an Accredited Charity!   You may also review our BBB Charity Report.