Legal Services

The attorneys at Pro Seniors have years of experience in elder law. Because this is our specialty, we know a lot about Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, long-term care, pensions, and lots of other issues that affect seniors. You will get excellent advice and peace of mind from working with our attorneys.

Our legal help includes:
• Information, advice and counseling
• Representation beyond information, advice and counseling
• Lawyer referral

We provide legal help through these programs:

The Legal Helpline

Provides free legal information, advice, and referral for residents of Ohio age 60 and over, regardless of income or resources. Call (513) 345-4160 to set up an appointment.

The Mid-America Pension Rights Project

Provides information and guidance related to pensions and retirement benefits. Call (513) 345-4160 to set up an appointment.

The Senior Financial Exploitation Project

Provides advice about preventing financial exploitation and helps resolve the legal problems caused by financial exploitation. Call (513) 345-4160 to set up an appointment.

“You were an anchor for me when my siblings and I were juggling so many issues regarding [Mom’s] finances and health and needing correct information to make good decisions. You and Pro Seniors were a rescue for us and continue to know this is one organization that is a great resource and a true value to the community.”
~ Donna, thank you letter

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