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Register Now to Learn How to Manage Your Resident’s Finances to Qualify for Medicaid

Register now to attend this April 26 seminar at Spring Grove Funeral Home Event Center. When:  Wednesday, April 26, 8:45AM - noon. Pro Seniors' Managing Attorney Miriam Sheline and Staff Attorney Karen Donnelly will present on some unique issues that impact Medicaid eligibility, along with legal documents governing resident finances, Qualified Income Trusts, Reluctant Spouse…

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April 26: Institutional Medicaid Update

Community Legal Education Network:  2022 Institutional Medicaid Update Registration is now closed. SIGN UP for our quarterly updates to receive notice of our next seminar. This seminar includes updates about Institutional Medicaid, including eligibility, Qualified Income Trusts, and much more.  Social Workers, business office staff, administrators, and other long-term care professionals and attorneys will benefit…

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